Raspberry Garlic Hot Sauce


~5 5oz bottles




Skin and crush the four cloves of garlic. Stick in the bottom of a 1 qt mason jar with the raspberries.

Use a canning stick or other implement to crush the raspberries and garlic together.

Roughly chop the peppers and add to the jar.

Fill the jar with a 2% saline solution. Tap the jar a few times to get any air bubbles out.

Seal the jar with a fermentation lid, or standard canning lid. If using the later, open the jar every day or two to "burp" the gasses produced by the fermentation process.

Allow to ferment in a warm location for 5-7 days. You will likely see bubbles forming, and the liquid may contain a white, cloudy color. Both of these are fine and are normal byproducts of fermentation.

Once done fermenting, strain the jar to separate the brine and place solid contents in a blender with xanthan gum. Turn on the blender and slowly add vinegar until desired consitency is reached.